French Lavender


With its lovely scent, great looks and many uses, French Lavender is one of the best lavenders to grow in the more humid regions of eastern Australia. It is ideal for garden beds and pots and can flower year round. Once established it is also very drought tolerant.

Where to Plant

French Lavender needs a sunny position.  When grown in too much shade it will stretch towards the light.

A well drained neutral to slightly alkaline soil or potting mix is best. Lavenders hate having their roots kept wet for long periods and so it is very important that the soil drains well.

Plant Care

Water thoroughly when first planting and once established only water when the soil is dry, being careful not to overwater.

French Lavender grows quickly and requires regular trimming or pinching of the foliage to keep a nice shape.

With good drainage and by not overwatering, French Lavender can be productive for years before being needing to be replaced. They generally have very few problems with pests.


The word lavender is derived from the Latin word lavare which means to wash. Ancient Romans widely used lavender to scent the water in their baths. For thousands of years lavender has been used as a perfume, disinfectant, insect repellant and a cure for many ailments from aches to acne and insomnia to insanity.

French Lavender can flower year round which means for many months of the year you will be able to cut the flowers and foliage and use them either fresh, dried or pressed.

Lavender is often used in potpourri, aromatherapy and as a cut flower.